Question: Some time ago, I bought a license key for Professional League. Due to a hardware defect I had to reinstall the software for my computer. Unfortunately, I cannot find the license key for Professional League. Do I have to buy it again?

Answer: Of course you will not have to buy it again. Simply write us a short e-mail with a hint at what date approximately you did have bought the license key. We will then send you the necessary information again.

Question: I have installed Professional League on my home computer. Now I would like to have a copy on my notebook, too. Does the single license allow for that?

Answer: As long as only you yourself will use the software, this is expressly allowed by the license conditions you have accepted on installation of the software (see the file license.txt in the Professional League installation folder).

Question: We want to use the software for our club. It is intended to have multiple club members using the software on their personal computers. Does a single license suffice for that purpose? If not, are there offers for multiple users?

Answer: Normally the software is licensed to a single user. Therefore it is not permitted that multiple persons use the software on different computers permanently with the same license key beyond the 30 days evaluation time which is granted by the trial version.A price list for multi-user or club licenses does not yet exist. However, on request we can make you an individual offer for that.

Question: Is it possible to install and execute Professional League, PL TE and PL 4.31 at the same time?

Answer: Yes, all programs work independent of each other. The only thing you should see to is that the programs are installed to different folders. However, you should consider migrating to Professional League 2006 as this is the most powerful software.